Anthology sister podcast to Pret 101
6 months ago

S1E13 - Pied Piper

The Pied Piper is a tough job

7 months ago

S1E12 - Emilliooooo

Ameliorites hide in our house...and they help

8 months ago

S1E11 - Breaking the Illusion

Hidden memories bring freedom

9 months ago

S1E10 - A Presentation on the Lost City of Roanoke

Many theories exist about the lost city

9 months ago

S1E9 - What it Means to be Together Forever

Being together forever might not always mean love

10 months ago

S1E8 - Preternatural Buddies

Teenage worries are always worse when you're a prophet writing fanfiction.

10 months ago

S1E7 - Epsilon

The Government knew about cryptids before everyone else did.

11 months ago

S1E6 - Across this Divide

Death Isn't the End

11 months ago

S1E5 - Lost Pup

A lost Were. Taken. Only his mother seems to remember him.

1 year ago

S1E4 - Nugget

The Prey Learns how to be a predator